Say hello, Sally

I don’t often post personal updates on my blog (so if it’s not your thing, you know, click away).

A few years ago our dog Ferris died. I wrote about it at the time, but it was an awful time, marred by burned landscapes and fractured nerves, and I don’t think even the writing helped me properly process my grief in amongst sharper traumas.

Ferris is, I admit sadly, still in a dusty little box in the back of a cupboard.

But for the first time, yesterday, I was able to talk about what to do with those ashes without too much heaviness because we’ve welcomed a new dog into our home and somehow it feels safe to acknowledge what we’ve lost.

Sally with Bean

Sally and Bean, BFFs

We adopted Sally from an RSPCA shelter. She is a ‘bitsa’ — the best kind! — and like Rosy in the beautiful Let’s Get A Pup, she radiates Good Intention.

Sally's Scar

Sally's scar

Sally (already her name when we met her) has had a difficult life. We don’t know how she got her scar but shelter staff suggested that she was a victim of cruelty (I feel tight in the chest just thinking about it so I won’t elaborate): this is not the first time she’s been ‘rescued’ and adopted. Her immediate past owner must have been gentle with her because, although timid, she has lost the raw edge of fearfulness. But he died, and so Sally is recently bereaved, and she comes to us with so much neediness that it soothes us all just to be together.

The simplest things make a good life; a soft bed, a full stomach, a kind word. It’s a gift to be reminded.


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7 responses to “Say hello, Sally

  1. I love that you have Sally and that Sally has you, I love Bean’s happiness with her new BFF, and I love that you reference Let’s Get a Pup – never giving our copy of that away, it’s staying on my bookshelf :-)

  2. Your writing is just so beautiful. Such a nice friendly looking dog and cute kid. And fuck all the cruelty in this world, it’s making me tight in the chest, too.

  3. Gorgeous. It pleases me very much to know she has you and your home to share now.

  4. Maja

    What a cute dog!

  5. Belated congratulations on your new family member. I’m really glad that she’s got your family to take care of her now.

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