Just because it says ’empowering’ on the tin…

You know when you read something and go I should have written that? This is one of those moments.

I think one of the saddest parts about the backlash to feminism is the inability of people, particularly women, being able to be taken seriously about legitimate concerns regarding matters such as sexual consent, objectification, or other important feminist issues. You can either embrace the stripper workouts, the incredibly graphic depictions of forced oral sex found in most pornography, the rising demand for labiaplasty, anal bleaching, and vulva dyeing, or you’re a prude.

Read The Radical Notion’s whole post here.


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3 responses to “Just because it says ’empowering’ on the tin…

  1. Very well put, although I’d never heard of labiaplasty, anal bleaching, and vulva dyeing before. goodness, what does that make me? A very sheltered prude i imagine.

  2. Yes, I see what you mean – that article was brilliant. I too hate this false empowerment that is being dished out to women and girls in the form of ‘If you are really sassy, sexy, and up for it, then you can consider yourself truly liberated and in control’.

    It’s still girls being given the message that the only thing they have to ‘trade on’ is their sexual attractiveness. It’s a particularly nasty trick in my opinion, and has absolutely nothing to do with equality.

  3. Oh, by the way there’s an award for you over at mine. x

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