Broom broom!

Just a little while ago, Bean couldn’t get enough soft furriness. Now, she’s car-obsessed.

All day long, it’s Car! Car! Broom Broom Broom! Car!

The Playschool ‘On the Move’ DVD that we borrowed from the library is going to be mourned like a beloved pet when we have to return it. Actually, I’m considering not returning it, because I just don’t know if I can take the tantrums. It’s been rationed, of course, but that doesn’t stop her asking to watch ‘Cars!’ all the livelong day.

I’ve developed a pathetic habit of trying to distract her from attempts to turn on the TV by pointing out the window every time a car drives down our street. I even made three colours of playdough yesterday to try to make ‘On the move’ seem less appealing. It worked, for a moment, once we found the car-shaped cookie cutter.

Perhaps I should send her over to the petrol-heads next door to Broom Broom Broom to her heart’s content. It’d give me a chance the hide the remote control while she’s out of the house, anyway.

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