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I know some of you drop by my blog to check up on me because you know me in reality land. Or because you searched for ‘girl milking penis’. (Yep, that’s the most common google search I get popping up in my stats… I so delight in disappointing so many who pass by here…)

Anyway, if you’re not here because you’re looking for feminist writing, then I have a treat for you.

Behold, feminst blogs!

Chally at Zero at the Bone has put together a great Down Under Feminist Carnival and it’s a great place to start for some¬†juicy reading. I particularly recommend Surprisingly Domestic’s post on public breastfeeding, and everything else under the Reproductive Rights subheading. It might not be what you came looking for, but there’s bound to be something else there that’s your cup of tea.** And there’s cake. What’s not to love?

**Perfect with a little Spilt Milk… ooh, too cringeworthy with the metaphors, y’think?


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2 responses to “Further reading

  1. “Girl milking penis”? Pardon? My most common search term is “zero at the bone”. Although today’s “julia gillard popular “make-up” jeweller” was quite amusing.

    Thanks for the linkage! Cake for one and all!

  2. Congratulations on your inclusion!

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